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Combat racing game

MadOut Open City is an open-world game from MadOut Games that combines combat and racing. In this game, not only will you chase other cars, but you can also push them out of the way. You have a choice of more than two hundred cars and a large arsenal of weapons that you can use to get rid of your opponent creatively. However, while its concept is good, its execution does not live up to players' expectations.

What is MadOut Open City?

MadOut Open City is essentially a car racing game at its core. The goal of the game is to beat enemies in a race. However, unlike other similar games, winning the game is not limited to simply beating the other driver. As noted, the game gives creative freedom in getting rid of your opponent. Aside from pushing them off track, you can also use weapons and have them completely obliterated. Note, however, that the enemy can fight back.

There are over 200 cars available in the game. What's more, you can upgrade them, and it is not limited to wheels, detailing, and motor. You can add weapons to it, including rockets, mines, and bullets. MadOut Open City shows players an open-world map. A mean, fully open world, complete with different weather conditions. With this, the challenge does not only lie with your opponent but also on the map.

However, as mentioned, its execution is not at par with its unique concept. The entire game looks like it is in the mid-alpha stage rather than a full release. The graphics look like they are made in the early 2000s and the characters move rather ridiculously. For a game that incorporates racing and driving elements, it also has the worst car physics. To complete the list of bad things, this game has a terrible virtual reality mode

Needs more work

Overall, MadOut Open City is a racing game that you do not often find on mobile devices. However, the game's overall presentation and experience cannot keep up with its unique idea. The design and the physics are terrible that they take all the fun out of the game. The developers should have put more work into it before releasing it on the market. 


  • Unique game concept
  • Over 200 cars
  • Allows addition of weapons to the cars


  • Poor graphics
  • Terrible car physics
  • VR mode is bad

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